Lecturer Promotion

Candidature presented for the lecturer position no. 81, place 7 of the area of knowledge of Architecture and Technology of Computers, of the Department of Informatics and Industrial Engineering (DIEI) of the Higher Polytechnical School (Campus Igualada), in the studies of Degree in Digital Interaction and Computing Techniques of the University of Lleida. Published in the BOE n. Num. 8261 published 2/11/2020.
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StartAPP is an inniative to encouraging students to face a real scenario, which aims to consolidate an innovative startup based on an application for mobile devices and develop skills related to organization, communication, and human relations to coordinate the team and learn to sell the ideas.

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Graduate-level introductory course in operating systems. This course teaches the basic operating system abstractions, mechanisms, and their implementations. The course also introduce the readers to Linux basics.

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Take your coding skills to the next level. The course uses the JAVA programming language and teaches you about UX,notifications, maps, communication, storage, ... Learn how to properly code, evaluate, test and launch your mobile apps.

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  • Brief introduction to Linear Programming and Game theory. Keywords: Modeling, CPLEX, OPL, AMPL, NEOS.