PhD Supervision

Cancer registration is considered a key factor in controlling the disease. The purpose of the registries is to detect and record all diagnosed cancer cases among residents of the reference area. In Catalonia there are three population-based cancer registries (PCR), Lleida, Girona and Tarragona. These records indicate the existence of territorial differences that should be studied. The classification of the tumors and the rates obtained in the different areas of the province of Lleida suggested that some cancers present certain peculiarities that should be investigated. This thesis intend to study the differences between the urban and rural population, to determine new hypotheses and relationships between risk factors and the incidence of cancer in Lleida. This research is being developed jointly with the PCR manager in Lleida, Dr. Pere Godoy, who is also the person in charge of the Epidemiological Surveillance Service of the Generalitat Health Department in Lleida. As a result of this collaboration, studies have also begun on the evaluation of risk factors and symptoms among different outbreaks of Covid. All te data corpus belongs to the PCR in Lleida.


Previous works have shown that risk factors for some kinds of cancer depend on people’s lifestyle (e.g. rural or urban residence). This article looks into this seeking relationships between cancer, age group,gender and population in the region of Lleida (Catalonia,Spain) using Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA).

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The importance of analyse the epidemic outbreaks related to Covid-19 could be determinant to decrease the spread of the virus. Therefore, the objectives of the study were describe the characteristics of the patients of Covid-19 in two epidemic waves of Covid-19 in Lleida (Spain) (before and after deescalate) and study the symptoms and comorbidities specific in each epidemic wave.

  • Student: Didac Florensa
  • Co-Supervised: Francesc Solsona and Pere Godoy
  • Year: 2019 - 2022
  • Academic degree: Industrial Ph.D
  • Company: Gestió de serveis sanitaris (GSS)